Miijo Crystal Water Bottle

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Product Overview

Choose your Miijo Interchangeable Crystal

Our Bottle comes in all 3 options of Bamboo, Rose Gold & Steel. Choose your crystal and fit it into the base of your new Bottle and keep the free flowing, positive, life energy happening. Also a great idea if you already have a Miijo Bottle with crystal and want to interchange the bottle with your own crystal for a different look.  

Miijo Crystal water bottles are approximately 550ml. As crystals are a natural product and each crystal may be a slightly different size and take up more or less room in the bottle.  

Our bottles are Borosilicate glass, which is less subject to thermal stress then other glasses.  The lid and base is made of either stainless steel, or sustainable bamboo. 

Water Energised by Crystal

Miijo is our word to describe a

"free flowing, positive, life energy".

Miijo crystal water uses the vibrational frequencies and the energy of crystals, powered by your intentions, to promote your Miijo. Empower your crystals with your own positive intentions to improve your flow and focus on your goals.  

Drinking water from our glass crystal water bottle acts as a constant reminder of your positive intentions and encourages you to drink more water to enhance hydration.

Even if you don't understand the energy, when you look at your Miijo and you feel positive, it is having the desired effect.

Water is the ultimate source of life, enjoy it energised!  


Calm. Peace. Stability
Amethyst is a meditative & calming stone to promote calm, balance & peace. Known as the “Travellers Stone” to protect you while you are out on the road.
It is also used to eliminate impatience.
Alternative medical practitioners use this gem today in order to help with immune deficiencies, addiction and toxicity.
Enhance your Miijo, by enjoying your life source energised by Amethyst. 
Crystals are a natural resource and colours vary. 

Smoky Quartz 

Grounding. Balance. Release
Smokey Quartz with its earth tones reconnects us to the earth & its life giving soil. Best stone to promote grounding & balance in an uplifting way. Release negative emotions like jealousy, fear & anger. Discover the clarity to lead you forward, leaving negativity behind you.
Water is the source of life. Enhance your Miijo, by enjoying your life source energised by Smokey Quartz

Rose Quartz 

Self Love. Unconditional Love. Romance. Compassion
Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, holding romantic energy to open your heart chakra, allowing you more love in your life. 
Attract more harmonious, loving, caring relationships. Enhance your self love and compassion. 


Enhance your Miijo, by enjoying your life source energised by Rose Quartz


Truth. Purification. Protection
Obsidian is a powerful crystal for protection. Born quickly out of cooled volcanic lava. Awaken the inner warrior in you, strengthen confidence & shield against negativity. Obsidian is the stone of truth. 


 Enhance your Miijo, by enjoying your life source energised by Obsidian

Clear Quartz 

Balance. Inspiration. Creativity
Know as the "Master Healer" because of its ability to magnify the positive vibrations of other crystals. Clear quartz clears negativity from your thoughts, creating space in your mind for creativity & higher wisdom, amplifying energy & thought. 
Attract balance to your body & enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. 


Enhance your Miijo, by enjoying your life source energised by Clear Quartz


Manifestation. Abundance. Inspiration
Known as the "Merchants Stone" or "Success Stone". Citrine's yellow and gold energy activates, opens and energises the solar plexus & naval chakras, directing personal power to enhance the physical body.
Citrine carries energy to promote inspiration, self improvement & manifestation. Attract intelligent decision making, wealth, goal reaching & abundance in finance & business. 


Enhance your Miijo, by enjoying your life source energised by Citrine 


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